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Harp Password™

Protect Your Identity with Harp Password

One of the best ways to protect against identity theft is to use strong passwords for all your logins. Strong passwords are passwords that are hard for others to guess. The strongest passwords are randomly generated combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. An example of a strong password is yQn$t2R3#k.

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It is difficult to create and memorize strong passwords. As a result, many people use names or words or dates that are easy for them to memorize. Unfortunately, these types of passwords are subject to being cracked.

It is also common for people to use the same password for every login. This is risky because if someone finds out your password on one login, then they have your password for all your logins.

The solution to protecting your identity by using strong passwords is Harp Password, a Windows password manager program. With Harp Password you can:

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