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  • Automatically generate strong passwords
  • Securely store all your passwords on your device
  • Automatically sync Harp Password on all your devices
  • Use a different password for each website or program
  • Use the passwords on any browser or software
  • Securely store any sensitive information on your device
  • Never forget another password

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Use your passwords on the go.

Web App

Use your passwords on your desktop or laptop computer.

Fplot developed
Harp Password™

Fplot Corporation, the developer of Harp Password, was founded in 1988. The company specializes in developing user friendly utility software. The first product was the Fplot pen plotter emulator, a product used primarily by architects and engineers.

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  • Unlimited passwords
  • Easily generate and store passwords
  • Single-click copy function
  • Easy to use search function
  • Store security questions, account numbers, etc
  • All data securely stored with top secret level encryption
  • Automatically syncs across all your devices